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Sep 24

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Websites are an essential business resource

As the number of people connecting to and becoming familiar with the Internet continues to increase at a phenomenal rate, so too does the importance of a business to have their ‘door’ open online.

The ease and convenience of the Internet means that people are relying on it to connect them when they need a service or product, or even just information to make educated comparisons. Having an Internet presence is a must and can connect you to new and existing customers, even when your business is closed for the day.

But nowadays having a basic, dated website is not enough. Visitors judge a business by its internet presence – and poor, dated sites can easily put off prospective clients.

That’s where Davtec can help - as we can create or update any type of website, from relatively simple information websites to those with more complex features such as online shops or booking services. We are able to style and customise the site to suit your business using your existing branding and extending the reach of your marketing and advertising.

You will find we develop modern, functional and professional sites – that will reflect well on your business, attract new clients and result in more business!

Home About Us News Websites are an essential business resource